We can help with a broad range of requests for information, including the following:

  • births that occurred less than 120 years ago
  • marriages that occurred less than 75 years ago
  • deaths that occurred less than 50 years ago
  • stillbirths that occurred less than 75 years ago

Register a Birth

All births that occur in Alberta must be registered with the Alberta government by filling out the form on this page.  The birth mother and father/co-parent are responsible for completing a Registration of Birth form.

After a birth is registered, you can order birth documents from us.

All the information on a birth certificate is extracted from the Registration of Birth form.

The following applies:

  • The birth mother must sign the Registration of Birth form
  • To record the father/co-parent on a child’s birth record, both parents must sign the Registration of Birth form
  • When the father/co-parent does not sign the Registration of Birth, they will not be recorded on the child’s birth record
  • A father/co-parent may be added to a birth record later with an amendment

You have options when choosing a last name for your newborn, but some restrictions apply.

For more information on birth, marriage, death, and related certificates and information, visit the Family and Life Events page.