Forms, Links & Downloads

Here is a list of resources divided by category for you to use in learning about Registry services in Alberta. Don’t forget that we always have time for you, so pick up the phone or stop in and we’ll help you out!


Prepare for your Class 5 and 4 road test by reading this guide
Guides and handbooks for motorcyclists and commercial drivers
How to obtain driver’s abstracts
Information for importing a vehicle into Canada
Are you bringing a vehicle from out of the province?  You may qualify for an exemption to the Out of Province Inspection requirement.  Find out more here.
Comprehensive information on prorate

To authorize someone to act on your behalf at a Registry, fill out this form

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

Application for Disabled Parking Placard

Garage-Keeper’s Lien form

  • NOTE:  The Garage Keepers Lien Act is only seven pages, and spells out clearly whether you as a garage-keeper may register a claim against a property.  Read it here

Medical Exam for Motor Vehicles License form

Consent for a Minor requesting Registry services


The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association is a great resource.  There is an online course to help you get your Hunter Education Card, which first-time hunters must have before they apply for a WIN card.  There are also courses on firearms safety, conservation essentials, firearms safety, and more. provides a summary of the regulations to help hunters understand the rules of hunting.  There are sunrise/sunset tables, big game & game bird regs, maps, and more.

Downloadable publications are available from the Alberta government including hunting draws, hunting and fishing regulations, trapping regulations, and walleye license information.

The Alberta fish & wildlife homepage.


Potential organ donors, read FAQs here.

All eligible Albertans including new and returning Alberta residents must register for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage to receive insured hospital and physician services.


All births that occur in Alberta must be registered with the Alberta government by filling out the form on this page.

For more information on birth, marriage, death and related certificates and information, visit the Family and Life Events page.


When purchasing a used vehicle, in addition to a Personal Property Registry search, we can provide a Vehicle Information Report

For more information on liens and the Personal Property Registry, visit this page.


For more information on searches and search results, visit