We’re a complete one stop, full service Alberta Government Registry office. You can do personal property searches, register a vehicle, and even insure it since we share space with KC & Company Insurance.

How convenient is that!

We offer full Alberta Government Registry services.  Click to learn about the following:

Motor Vehicles
Hunting & Fishing
Land Titles
Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
Vital Statistics
Personal Property

We can also do the following:

  • Passport photos & applications
  • Raffle Ticket Licenses
    • Just provide us with the AGLC ID number you were given upon approval, and we can provide your license.  Registries can only issue licenses for raffles of $10,000 and under.
  • Carproof searches
    • CarProof isn’t free through a registry, but auto dealers often provide reports on their vehicles at no charge.  Also several websites such as www.kijiji.ca post CarProof free as part of their listings.
  • Legal Ease kits
  • ID cards for anyone 12 & older