Whether personal passenger, motorcycle, off-highway, commercial, fleet or prorate, come and see us!

*Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian (with proper ID) accompany them to our office to sign a parental consent form when obtaining vehicle registration.

You must bring an acceptable ID with you to request these Registry services.  Click, tap or scroll below to read more, and see a list of what to bring when requesting registry services.
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Resources for New Drivers

If you’re just getting behind the wheel for the first time, come in and get yourself a Learner’s Prep Kit!  It’s a really helpful and fun flash card-style learning aid that will have you passing your tests with flying colors.  The app is also available on Google Play and the App Store.

Online test prep is good, but this is much better.  It’ll show you what you’re good at and what needs work, so you can make sure all your bases are covered with no holes in your knowledge.

The prep kit has study tips, definitions and explanations, clear graphics, and it’s even color-coded by sections to match the Driver’s Handbook.

Come in and get yours today!

In the meantime, learn what will be expected from you during your road test by reading this guide:  Preparing For Your Road Test.

Testing & Driver Handbooks

Alberta Transportation has a complete list of guides and handbooks for motorcyclists and commercial drivers here.

Road Tests

Call us to schedule a road test for your Class 4, 5, or 6 license.

Air Brake Tests

Come on in and do your air brake knowledge test here. Make sure to bring your certificate of course completion!

Driver’s Abstracts

A driver abstract is a printed summary of a person’s driving record, including merit and demerit points, convictions and suspensions.

Standard Driver Abstract

A Standard Driver Abstract provides:

  • driver’s appearance (height, weight, sex, etc.)
  • current status of the drivers licence
  • conviction information
  • demerit points
  • suspensions.

The driver abstract doesn’t show the individual’s driving experience or the date first licensed.

Commercial Driver Abstract: A Commercial Driver Abstract provides most of the same information as the Standard Driver Abstract plus information about Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections.  The commercial driver abstract does not include information about the driver’s appearance.

For detailed information and instructions on how to obtain driver’s abstracts, come and see us!  You can also read this document.

When requesting registry services for motor vehicles, here’s what to bring in:

Registering a Vehicle for the First Time
  • Proof of ownership.  Bill of sale, lease agreement, gift letter or any document clearly indicating that the vehicle to be registered is owned by you.  Bring the original!  Registries can’t accept faxes or photocopies.

There’s no mandatory legal form to use; it can be written on the back of an envelope (though you can download a standard Alberta bill of sale HERE) but it must contain this information:

    • full name and address of the seller(s) and buyer(s)
    • vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • make, model/series, style, colour and year of the vehicle
    • cost of the vehicle
    • signatures from both the buyer(s) and the seller(s)

You don’t have to include the following, but it may assist if there are any future disputes regarding ownership:

    • odometer reading
    • telephone numbers of buyer/s and seller/s
    • personal identification of all people involved
    • signatures of witnesses
    • any liens or encumbrances against the vehicle
    • if the vehicle was paid for in full or not
    • payment method (cash, cheque, money order, etc.)
    • payment terms (if any)
    • where the vehicle was last registered
    • special conditions of the sale
  • Proof of insurance.  You don’t need to register a vehicle in order to insure it, but you must insure a vehicle before you can register it.  The name on the insurance documents must be the same as that as the buyer on the bill of sale.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement) if registering a new vehicle.  The dealer provides this document to you upon sale.

If you import a vehicle into Canada, you’ll need a Vehicle Import Form from Transport Canada.  The Registrar of Imported Vehicles website has more information.

If the vehicle has been sold to more than one person, all parties must be present when registering, or a letter of authorization must be presented from any buyer/s who cannot come in to register.

You may be aware that the Alberta government is no longer mailing out renewal reminders.  Sign up for a email reminder for free!

Are you bringing a vehicle from out of province?  You may qualify for an exemption to the Out of Province Inspection requirement.  Find out more here.

Renewing Registration
  • Proof of insurance: If you fill out the insurance declaration on the back of the renewal form, and you are not requesting any changes, you do not have to bring your insurance pink card.
    • All parties listed on the vehicle registration must sign the insurance declaration.
    • This is especially useful if you have many vehicles to renew!
  • Renewal Form: If you did not receive a renewal form in the mail, please bring in your old registration.
Transfer of Registration

You can transfer your license plate from one vehicle to another, provided that both vehicles are or were registered in the same name/s.

  • Proof of ownership
    • Authorization: If the vehicle has been sold to more than one person both parties must be present or a letter of authorization must be obtained from the individual who cannot be present.
  • Insurance
  • Old Registration: If you have the old registration documents (pink slip) please provide that.
Lost or Stolen License Plates

If your plate is lost or stolen, report it to the police and replace it as soon as you can.  You’ll need to fill out a declaration.  If you have the current registration please bring it with you, but you can tell us the plate number if you don’t.

Cancelling License Plates

If you cancel your license plate you can get a prorated refund.  It may be worth it to you if there are four months or more left on the registration.  Refunds are not issued by the registry but directly from the government, via cheque.  You can keep the plate for future use but be sure to tell us that.


Prorate plates are licence plates issued for commercial vehicles that regularly travel into two or more jurisdictions in Canada or the U.S. The plates exempt carriers from having to buy trip permits when they enter a jurisdiction.

  • All Pro-Rate Permits are issued by Alberta Transportation and must be approved by Alberta Transportation before we are able to issue any documents. You must submit all required information to Alberta Transportation first, then visit our office and present your MVID number, Fleet number, and Supplement number.
  • We will confirm your Pro-Rate Status online.  Once that’s done we’ll process and issue the required documents.
  • Fees are determined by Alberta Transportation and must be paid in our office before receiving your documents.
  • If you need more information, please contact our office or visit Alberta Transportation Online.
In Transit Permits

An In-Transit Permit does not allow you to operate a motor vehicle on a public roadway without insurance!

It allows you to transport an unregistered vehicle under specific circumstances, such as:

  • If a vehicle needs an inspection
  • Servicing or repairs
  • is being transported for a show or demonstration
  • needs to be towed

The start and end points of the vehicle’s transport must be within Canada, and at least the start or the end point must be in Alberta.  Permits are valid for up to 7 days depending on various factors.  Salvage vehicle In Transit permits are valid for 24 hours only.

Bring the following:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Ownership
Disabled Parking Placards

A parking placard and/or disabled licence plate allows those who provide proof of eligibility to use specially designated parking facilities.

In order to qualify, an individual must be unable to walk more than 50 metres.

Your physician, physiotherapist or occupational therapist must complete the application before it is submitted to us.

Vehicle Information Reports

We can provide a general Vehicle Information Report (VIR) that can be requested by anyone to get non-protected information about any vehicle registered in Alberta.

These reports only cover Alberta information and don’t include any information from other places where the vehicle may have been registered.

Bring us the VIN (Vehicle Information Number) and we can tell you the following:

  • Vehicle description, such as year, make, model, style, color and fuel type.
  • Vehicle status, such as active, rebuilt, salvage etc.
  • Latest recorded odometer reading
  • Registration dates and locations
  • Liens registered in Alberta against the vehicle, if any
Fine & Ticket Payments

We can accept payment for any Alberta traffic fines.

Fines that are past the due date are usually assessed a late fee on top of the fine itself. You must pay these fines if you want to access any driver license or motor vehicle service including renewals, transfers etc.

If your fine is not past the court date, bring your copy of the ticket to our office for payment. It will say Part 3, and will be yellow or white.