Records of land ownership are public information in Alberta.  Anyone can request a land title search on any piece of land in Alberta.  This search provides the names of the registered owner/s and in most cases, financial details such as liens, encumbrances and mortgages as well.
All we need to process a search is the legal land description. We can do a current search, a historical search, cancelled title search, and also pull copies of specific documents registered against the title. Some historical searches are available immediately, while others may take 5-10 business days.
Changes to land titles, including removing liens, encumbrances, and caveats, can only be performed by Alberta Land Titles.
For more information on searches and search results, visit Alberta Land Titles.
Information on housing, property and utilities in general here at Alberta Housing & Community.
Information on different types of titles, documents or plans, and how to get copies of them at Alberta Land Titles.

Available land title searches:

Current certificate of title – Shows all current title information: current owner(s) of a piece of land, and all outstanding registered interests in the land, such as mortgages, caveats, and builders liens. The rights may be for surface, minerals, or both
Registered land titles document – You are able to order copies of documents that appear on the title; e.g. caveats, easements, mortgages, liens, etc.
Current historical title – Shows all current title information, as well as discharged historical instruments.
Cancelled historical title (has been cancelled and replaced) – Searches can be performed while you wait. Historical title searches for titles that are earlier than Alberta Land Titles computerized records will be special ordered and sent to you.
Additional search fees apply depending on the number of titles searched.