We can do Corporate Searches, Notice of Address, and Notice of Director change requests.

Currently, we do not do corporation NUANS Searches.

Level 1 Corporate Services

  • Annual Return
  • Annual Return with Changes
  • Trade Name Declaration
  • Partnership Declaration
  • Notice of Change of Address
  • Notice of Attorney/Change of Attorney or Alternate Attorney
  • Notice of Change of Address of Attorney
  • Notice of Change of Head Office
  • Notice of Director/Notice of Change of Director
  • Dissolve Trade Name/Partnership
  • Amend Partnership Registration

Level 2 Corporate Services

  • Extra-Provincial Registration
  • Incorporation (Basic Numbered and Name)
  • Incorporation Package with Minute Book, Inserts, Bylaws, Notices, Share Certificates, etc. with Corporate Seal
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Articles of Revival –
  • Articles of Continuance
  • Continuance to Another Jurisdiction
  • Cancellation of Extra Provincial Registration
  • Extra-Provincial Reinstatement
  • Record Amendments to Charter Documents of Extra-Provincial Registration
  • Record filing of final receiver statement
  • Register Appointment of Receiver
  • Register the Bankruptcy of the Corporation
  • Revocation of Voluntary Cancellation of Extra-Provincial Registration
  • Intent to Dissolve
  • Articles of Dissolution
  • Limited Partnership Dissolution
  • Limited Partnership Registration
  • Restated Articles of Incorporation
  • Revoke Intent to Dissolve

Level 3 Corporate Services

  • Articles of Amendment
  • Articles of Revival
  • Amalgamation (For Incorporation or Extra-Provincial Registration)
  • Re-organizations & Arrangements