Registries need to see current and original identification for the services we offer, and it must have a recordable number.

We require 2 pieces of ID for driver licence services and 1 for motor vehicle services.

If your ID is lost, stolen, destroyed or you cannot present enough identification to have a drivers licence or ID card issued to you, we can help you.  We may ask you questions that only you will know the answer to, or you may be asked to provide documents that only you should have.

A registry agent cannot issue you a driver’s licence or identification card unless they are fully satisfied that you are a legal resident of both Canada and Alberta.

If you have an Alberta Drivers Licence or Alberta ID Card, your second piece of ID can be any of the following.  Note that this is not a complete list.  If you have any questions about the ID you have and whether it is acceptable, just give us a call to confirm at 780.764.2238

  • Valid passport or NEXUS card
  • Permanent resident card
  • ID card or driver’s license issued by any official government
  • Military ID
  • SCIS (Secure Certificate of Indian Status) card
  • Municipal, Territorial, Provincial or Federal Government Employee Card

The following is not acceptable as supporting ID:

  • debit and credit cards or cheque cashing cards
  • Social Insurance Number cards
  • interim or temporary driver’s licences
  • business and organization membership cards
If you do not have an Alberta Drivers Licence or ID card, you must bring in your Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship, or Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS), along with as well as one of the following.
Please note:  This is not a complete list.
  • Department of National Defence Drivers Licence
  • Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Civil Marriage Statement, Legal Change of Name Certificate
  • Municipal, Territorial, Provincial or Federal Government Employee Card
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate (issued after February 1, 2012)
  • Chequing or Saving Account Statement
  • Cancelled Cheque with imprinted name and Alberta address
  • Utility, Telephone (land or cell), Gas or Cable TV bill in client’s name
  • Property tax bill or receipt, land title or mortgage documents
  • Income Tax receipts
  • Insurance policy documents (life, auto, residential, etc)
  • Refugee Protection Claimant document
  • Study Permit
  • Canadian Health Card
  • Government Assistance document
If you’re an Alberta resident who can legally live in Canada and don’t have a valid driver’s license, you can apply for an ID card to use as photo identification.  This is NOT a driver’s license.  It’s good for a 5-year term.

You’ll need to prove that you’re an Alberta resident and that you can legally live in Canada.

Alberta residency

You can prove that you’re an Alberta resident by providing the registry agent with a utility bill or other statement that has been mailed to your residence. Electronic statements, such as bank statements, aren’t allowed.


If you’re a student from outside Alberta, you can prove Alberta residency by providing a letter from the Alberta accredited college or university stating that you are a full-time student.

Canada residency

To prove that you can legally live in Canada, you can provide the registry agent with one of the following:

  • Canadian birth certificate
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • citizenship card
  • Canadian passport
  • work permit
  • A work permit that states “Does not confer temporary residence status” is not acceptable.